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Our Corporate Vision and Business Structure

Corporate Vision

Based on our well balanced business structure consisting of Railway Track Maintenance, Civil Engineering, Architectural, and Environmental Businesses, we at Totetsu Kogyo, as a leading company in the railway related construction business, make our best endeavours to secure a unique position in the construction industry by making the best use of our highly sophisticated technical expertise and stable customer base.

Business Structure

  (I) Railway Track Maintenance Business  
(II) Civil Engineering Business Totetsu Kogyo’s core competence (IV) Environmental Business
  (III) Architectural Business  
(I) Railway Track Maintenance Business
We support safe and comfortable rail transportation networks night and day as a leading company in the railway related construction business.

The Railway Track Maintenance Division forms one of the main pillars of Totetsu Kogyo's business. Railway track maintenance is essential for a safe and comfortable railway transportation network. While coordinating closely with JR East (East Japan Railway Company), our largest customer and shareholder, we make every effort, both night and day, to provide railway tracks that ensure safer and more comfortable train operations by making the best use of our highly sophisticated technical expertise, which we have cultivated over many years.

In order to perform our work more safely and efficiently, we are making full use of our "Big Fleet", which include the most technologically advanced railway track maintenance machines. This "Big Fleet" is the largest such fleet in the country, and we are proud of being No. 1 in Japan in market share of railway track maintenance.

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake shook our country in March 2011, we have fully engaged in the repair and reconstruction of railway tracks, including the Tohoku Shinkansen, and contributed to the railway system’s quick recovery.

We are also engaged in a number of large projects of building new railway tracks for the Shinkansen and for many other public and private sectors.

(II) Civil Engineering Business
We make the best use of our technical expertise and experience, cultivated from numerous railway construction projects, for our civil engineering business, which creates and maintains the transportation network and public infrastructure.

In this business field, we make full use of our special expertise obtained through railway construction for various projects, such as construction, renovation, and reinforcement of elevated bridges, standard bridges, tunnels, motorways, and multilevel crossings, as well as setting up railway platform edge doors for passenger protection.

We proactively promote the development of new methods for natural disaster prevention and anti-earthquake reinforcement construction projects.

In addition, we contribute to create a safe and comfortable railway transportation network through many different types of railway related maintenance work.

(III)Architectural Business
We produce safe and comfortable places that connect people and transportation by means of unique construction methods and people-friendly technology and design.

The technology developed by our Architectural Business expands into a variety of different areas that provide people with safe, comfortable, and beautiful places where they live and work. We make the best use of our railway related technical expertise for the construction and maintenance of station buildings for railway lines, as well as apartment houses, office buildings, hotels, shops, schools, etc.

We proactively promote the development of technology that meets the contemporary need for greater safety and convenience, including construction methods that reduce shaking in strong winds and earthquakes as well as superior economic efficiency.

In addition, we are promoting our "One Stop Shopping Strategy" which provides our customers with one-stop services to fulfill different types of needs for construction, maintenance, and environmental requirements at a much lower cost. Our "Streamlined Process Strategy" also delivers services for the life of a building including design, construction, inspection, utilization, and maintenance, all of which are available through our Totetsu Kogyo Group.

(IV) Environmental Business
We are expanding our Environmental Business as our fourth business pillar in order to positively contribute to global environmental concerns.

Protecting the global environment is one of the major issues for humankind in the 21st century. We are trying to address this difficult issue not only by reducing the environmental impact of our activities, but also by providing technology and services to our customers which enable them to resolve some of their environmental issues at a lower cost.

Currently we are providing environmental technology and services, such as constructing solar power generation systems, greening of buildings (including the moss greening method), draining disposal systems, removing asbestos, implementing energy conservation systems for air conditioning, etc.

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